Restaurant Reviews

Jlwa – Linking Road – Mumbai

Mumbai got some really good eateries and this one i tried was really good.

Food – i ordered peri peri pizza, Chicken tikkas ,crispy vegetables , dal makhni , butter chicken , malai paneer and steamed rice. Ok so most of the gravy items is served along with naan or tandoori roti with great quantity.You may see that as little expensive however after trying the food you would not regret paying that little extra. I was highly impressed and will give 5 star to food.

Ambiance – Considering this place is in Bandra and has a five star ambiance and the place is really huge. 5 star to the ambiance.

Value for money – We were seven people and had all the above mentioned items and the total bill was 4400 which was not bad as we all enjoyed the food and all the services offered.

Service – The service was prompt and all the service guys have knowledge about the items in the menu. The food was served fresh and on time. 5 star to service.