Egg Sandwich Recipe – How to make egg sandwiches

I usually ask myself how would i like my eggs today, scrambeled, fried or boiled. How about none of the above. Your morning meals should be a motivation to wake you up. This egg and mayo sandwich never fails and is easy to make and is full of taste.

Made by – Ujawal Singh
Recipe Servings – 2
Preperation time – 15 Mins
Cook time – 5 mins
Total Cook time – 20 Mins
Difficulty Level – Easy
Type – Breakfast

Ingredients to make egg sandwich
3 hard boiled eggs peeled and coarsley chopped.
Capsicum finely chopped
Crushed Black Pepper
Bread of your choice

Method to make egg Sandwich
1- Chop boiled eggs with or without yolk. I have added the yolk in this sandwich as i like the taste.
2- In a bowl combine the eggs, capsicum, 3 tsp mayo, crushed black pepper .Mix it well.
3- Spread over 3 tsp egg salad filling over one slice of bread in each pair. You can top with lettuce leaf or any other veggies you wish to add
4- Cut each sandwich in half before eating.
5- Enjoy!

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