Egg Fried Rice – How to make egg fried rice

Quick one pot meal to have it on those lazy days😋🤤👍😊

Preparation time – 10 mins
Cooking time -10 mins
Serves – 2

1- 3 eggs
2- Boiled rice
3- Carrots , capsicum , beans , garlic , finely chopped onions.
4- Salt
5- Black pepper powder
6- Soya sauce

1- Boil the rice with salt. Boil the rice completely, and ensure its not over boiled. Keep the rice under the fan or let it cool down naturally.
2- Heat a pan and add oil. Crack three eggs in the pan and whisk it for like 2 mins. Dont overcook the eggs. Take out eggs on a plate.
3- In the same pan heat some oil and add garlic, stir it on a high flame for 1 min.
4- Add onions and cook till soft. Add all the veggies once onions are cooked and stir it on a high flame for 2 mins.
5- Add salt and crushed black pepper.
6- Add rice and stir it gently.
7- Add 1/2 TSP soya sauce and mix it until combined. Dont add too much soya sauce. Now add the eggs and give the final mix.
8- Serve it hot
9- Enjoy!

Note – You can have this with little vinegar and Schezwan Sauce.

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